Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs

1.  Name of the Administrative Department: Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Punjab

2.  Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Shri. Bharat Bhushan Ashu
Cabinet Minister
- - - - -


3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. K.A.P. Sinha IAS
Principal Secretary
0172-2742803 603 9888314300


4. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Smt. Anindita Mitra IAS
Director, Deptt of Food Supply, PB
0172-2636090 - 9463424848


5.  Business Rules of the department:


Standing Order

  1. In pursuance of the provisions of Rules 18 and 19 of the Rules of Business of the  Government of Punjab, 1992, as framed vide Punjab Government order No. 15/1/92-GC(2)3214, dated 25 February, 1992 and as per Allocation of Business(1st Amendments) Rules 2012 vide No. 1/1/2012- GC(5)/3742 dated 16th March 2012, it is hereby ordered that in respect of the Department of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, the cases mentioned in Annexure shall be submitted to Chief Minister for his orders, the cases mentioned in Annexure-2 shall be submitted Minister-in-charge of the Department of Food, Civil Supplies &Consumer Affairs for passing orders. Cases mentioned in Annexure-3 shall be submitted to the Principal Secretary or Administrative Secretary, Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs or under his order of any other officer and cases mentioned in Annexture-4 shall be disposed of at the level of Director-cum-Secretary/Special Secretary/Additional Secretary/ Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary/ Under Secretary of Department of Food, Civil supplies & Consumer Affairs. 
  2. During my absence from the Headquarter, cases of immediate nature, which are required to the disposed of at my level, decision on which cannot wait for my return or which cannot be sent to me during my tour for timely orders, shall be disposed of by the principal Secretary, Department of Food, civil Supplies &Consumer Affairs or by the Administrative Secretary if there is no Principal Secretary in the Department. However, such cases shall be shown to me on my return to Headquarter.
  3. Cases which are not Covered /mentioned in Annexure, shall be disposed of as per Rules of Business ibid.
  4. This delegations will be subject to the overall control and directions of the undersigned.


Amarinder Singh
Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Food Processing
(Chief Minister)Minister-in-Punjab



Cases to be submitted to the Chief Minister, Punjab, under Rule 20(1) and (20) of the Rules of Business 1992 (amended upto 1997)

  1. Cases relating to all policy matters including cases in which new policy is to be formulated or the existing policy relating to the functioning of the Department is to be changed.
  2. Foreign deputation and training out of India in respect of IAS/PCS Officers.
  3. Cases which are required to be submitted to the Governor/Council of Ministers.
  4. Appointment of Chairperson, PUNSUP and Chairperson, PUNGRAIN.
  5. Appointment of President and Members of the State Commission and District Forums for Redressal of Consumer Disputes.
  6. Cases relating to re-employment of the Gazetted Officers or extension in their term of employment.
  7. Cases where successor Minist3er wishes to modify the orders of his predecessor in office.
  8. Cases in which there is difference of option between Secretary and Minister-in-Charge, the proposal is to be sent through Chief Secretary.
  9. Such other cases or class of cases as the Chief Minister may consider necessary.
  10. Proposal for giving guarantee by the State Government, for raising loans by the corporation under the administrative control of the Department.
  11. Premature retirement of the rank of DFSC and above.
  12. Re-employment cases of the officers in the rank of DFSC and above.
  13. Appointment of Directors on the Board of PUNSUP/PUNGRAIN.
  14. Reference to Vigilance Department in respect of officers of the rank of DFSC and above.



Cases to be disposed of at the level of FSM Legal and Legislative matters.

  1. Assembly Question/Assurances made by the Minister on the floor of the House.
  2. Replies to questions of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha where information is to be given which is other than merely factual and statistical.
  3. All matters relating to the Committee on Subordinate Legislations and Committee on assurance.
  4. Framing/ amendment of Acts and Rules and references to be made to the Legal Remembrance  regarding proposal of Draft bills.
  5. Issue of Control Orders or licensing orders under the Central/ State Acts.
  6. Material for Governors and Finance Minister address.
  7. Constitution of State Level Committee and Boards.

Administrative Matters:

  1. Deputation of all Group 'A' Officers outside the Department.
  2. Registration of all the officers of the rank of DFSC and above.
  3. Promotion/ reversions/ postings and transfers of the rank of DFSC and above.
  4. Withdrawal of cases from courts of the rank of DFSC and above.
  5. Representation against adverse remarks of the rank above DFSC/ Assistant Director.
  6. Service rules of Group 'a' officers and amendments thereof.
  7. Cases relating to probation and confirmation of the officers of the rank of DFSC and above.
  8. All cases relating to the disciplinary proceedings under Rule 8 of the Punjab Civil (Punishment and Appeal) Rules, 1970  in respect of officers of the rank above the rank of DFSC.

Financial Matters:

  1. Proposals/ Schemes involving new expenditure.
  2. Financial irregularities of serious nature.
  3. Cases relating to the recommendations of PAC/ Estimates Committee when ripe for final decision.
  4. Administrative & Financial Matters relating to the State Commission and District Consumer Forum.
  5. Finalization of annual balance sheets of the PSU's under the control of the Department.


  1. Cases to be sent to Governor or Chief Minister, Punjab.
  2. Important policy reference received from and made to Government of India.
  3. Policy decision regarding holding of price line control and distribution/ price of essential commodities and issue of modification orders under the Essential Commodities Act.
  4. All cases regarding policy decisions with regard to purchase sale, acquisition and export of food grain.
  5. Policy matters regarding introduction of new and innovative methods of storage of food grains.
  6. To issue Notification under various control and Licensing Orders.
  7. Announcements made by C.M Punjab.
  8. Commission of enquiry cases.
  9. Annual Administrative report.
  10. Cases regarding decision of Council of Ministers.
  11. Any case specifically asked for by the Minister-in-Charge.
  12. Important correspondence with Government of India.



Cases to be disposed of by Secretary Food and Supplies Administrative Matters:

  1. All establishments matters related to all Group 'B' officers and Group 'a' officers below the rank of DFSC.
  2. Reference to Vigilance Department in respect of all Group 'B' officers and Group 'A' officers below the rank of DFSC.
  3. Withdrawal of cases from Courts of Group 'B' officers and all the Group 'A' officers Below the rank of DFSC.
  4. All cases relating to the disciplinary proceedings under Rule 8 of the Punjab Civil Services (Punishment and Appeal) Rules, 1970 in respect Group 'B' officers (Annexure-B) and Group-A officers upto the rank of DFSC.
  5. Appeals against the order of Director Food and Supplies regarding punishments imposed.
  6. Service Rules of Group 'B' Establishments and amendments therefor.
  7. Earned leave and Ex-India leave in respect of all the officers of the Department.
  8. Properly return of the officers of the rank of DFSC and above.

Financial Matters

  1. Cases relating to PAC/PEC/PUC oral examination/ recommendations.
  2. Waiving of claim or recovery of a substantial amount against non-gazetted/ gazetted employees.
  3. Cases where recovery is pointed out by the Accountant General are to be waived off in consultation with the Financial Department.
  4. Budgetary matters/ Budget Estimate/ Revised Estimates/ Supplementary Estimates.


  1. Issue of notifications under various control and licensing orders.
  2. Approval of notifications for acquisition of land.
  3. Appeal/ Review under various control orders to be decided by the State Government.
  4. Prosecution under Punjab Hoarding and profiting prevention order, 1971 and other control order where sanction of the Government is required.
  5. Cases under various control orders and licensing orders involving question of policy.
  6. Replies to questions in Parliament where information to be given is merely factual.
  7. Replies to important Court cases.
  8. Procurement and Storage of food grains.
  9. Directions regarding brick kilns price, size and quality of bricks.
  10. Recalling of the files pertaining to any issue from all the PSU's under the control of the Administrative department and to take corrective measures.



Cases to be disposed of at the level of Director cum-Secretary/Special Secretary, Additional Secretary /Joint Secretary /Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary

Administrative Matters:

  1. All matter relating to group 'c' posts including appointments and disciplinary action.
  2. All cases relating to the disciplinary proceedings under Rule 10 of the Punjab Civil Services (Punishment and Appeal) Rule, 1970 in respect of Group 'B' Officers.
  3. Appointments by promotion Group 'C' employees.
  4. Extension of Probationary period, confirmation, promotion, seniority cases, all disciplinary cases involving penalty by suspension & revocations and acceptance of resignation of group 'C' employees and equivalent contract posts.
  5. Entrusting cases to the Department of Vigilance, Police, Courts and allowing expenses thereof and ordering departmental enquiries of Group 'C' employees and equivalent contract posts.
  6. All miscellaneous matters not specified otherwise in respect in respect of Group 'C' employee and equivalent contract posts.
  7. Transfer and posting of Group 'C' employees and equivalent contract posts.
  8. Gratuity, pension and completion of probationary period of group 'C' employees and equivalent contract posts where there are adverse recommendations and cases are not clear.
  9. Initial appointments on recommendations of PSSSB for Group 'C' employees.
  10. Appointment on deputation to Central/State Government and Corporations. Training of officials within India, Group 'C' and equivalent contract posts.
  11. Refusal of LPR of Group 'C' and equivalent contract posts.
  12. Requisition to be placed with the PPSC for Group 'B' posts and equivalent contract posts.
  13. Appeals filed by officer/officials in respect to Group 'C' and equivalent contract posts.
  14. Extension in adhoc promotion Group 'C'.
  15. Extension in service beyond 55 years of Group 'C'.
  16. Reference to the PSSSB where no policy is involved for Group c and equivalent contract posts.
  17. Travelling beyond jurisdiction within India, fixation of pay, loans advances and honorarium for Group C and equivalent contract posts.
  18. All other matters relating to Group C and equivalent contract posts.

General Matters:

  1. Sanction of time barred claim in respect of pay, T.A, etc. of Group C and equivalent contract posts.
  2. Reimbursement of medical charges of Group C and Equivalent contract posts.
  3. Issue of sanction after budget has been passed and concurrence of Finance Department has been obtained.
  4. Disposal of stores by Public Auction in accordance with the Rules.


  1. Tour Programme of the Directorate Staff.
  2. Other routine cases.
  3. Procurement and storage of Food grains as per policy.
  4. Opening of mandis/purchase centres as per policy.
  5. Release of securities of Govt. Commission Agents.
  6. Tour Programme of Additional Director/ Joint Director/ Deputy Director/ Assistant Director/ Controller, Food and Account/DCFA/ACFA/Superintendent Grade-1.
  7. Cases where payment as a result of verification done by the Accounts Sub Committee/ Civil Supplies Committee are to be made claimants.
  8. Releases of securities of various categories of food grains dealers concerning with Food and Supplies Department.
  9. Tour Programme and casual leave not exceeding 4 days.
  10. Purchase/hiring/ disposal of vehicles.
  11. Grant of T.A. beyond 30 days of Group 'C' Staff.
  12. Deputation and Training (within the country) of Group 'C' Staff.
  13. Complaints against group 'C' staff.
  14. Policy regarding movement of wheat/paddy.
  15. All cases regarding day to day administration of various control orders.
  16. Claims regarding shortage in transit cases where orders required virtue of financial powers.
  17. Periodicals reports regarding working of Department.
  18. Collection/Compilation of statistics relating to procurement and other function of the Department.
  19. Appeal cases under all control orders against the orders of District Magistrate.
  20. Allotment of ranks/IRK/RC to Govt./Semi Govt. bodies.
  21. Cases regarding supply of HSD/LDD to Agriculture sector.
  22. Co-ordination between oil companies and Ministry of Petroleum & Chemist regarding supply to Punjab for Agriculture Industries Purposes.
  23. Implementation of policy regarding allotment of depots/Fairs Price shops under the policy laid down by the Government.
  24. Fixation quota of essential commodities, district wise of quantum for depots/consumers I respect of Supplies items.
  25. Distribution of work among headquarters officers.
  26. Payment of road transport charges and approval of mandi performa and transport charges subject to general control of Director Food & Supplies.
  27. Grant of rice export permits.
  28. Approval of incidental charges and cases regarding allocation of storage of rice.
  29. Regularization of shortage in central, storage depots (rice) - Reference to Government of India.
  30. Theft/misappropriation cases of stock of foodgrains.
  31. Fixation of rates of gunny bags (for rice procurement).
  32. Journey beyond jurisdiction by DFSC/DFSO upto 10 days.
  33. Sanction of loans/advances as followed by the Punjab Government from time to time to Group 'C' employees.
  34. Allocation of PDS items to discretion.
  35. All cases to be submitted to principal Secretary/ Administrative Secretary to be routed through DFS/Ex-officio/ Secy/Spl Secy except appeals against the letter's orders.


Addl. Secretary/ Joint Secretary/ Dy. Secretary/ Under Secretary:

  1. Correspondence with GOI/FCI regarding matters not requiring the notice of Admin secy.
  2. Civil Suit/Writ Petitions where State Govt. is impleaded.
  3. Fortnightly returns showing stocks of wheat, gram, barley held by the licenses in the State.
  4. Market  fee all cases.
  5. TA of full rates beyond 10 days & upto 20 days in the case of Group 'A'.
  6. Reimbursement of medical charges upto Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000/- to group 'A' and 'B' staff working in the circle offices/HQ.
  7. Departmental Examinations.
  8. Anti smuggling cases.
  9. Rent of office accommodation at Head Office and Circle office to be approved by PFSS originally in subsequent years approval to be given.
  10. District wise distribution of staff (Temp. & Permanent).
  11. Appropriation and Re-appropriation of funds provided.
  12. Co-ordination with other Government Department.
  13. Ration depots cases within purview of policy.

Points which require deletion are listed as follows:


37. Policy cases of coal depot holders appointments etc.
38. Policy decision to tackle shortage of commodities such as Soda Ash, Cement, firewood etc.
41. Request for grant of license for setting up Roller Flour Mills.
42. Fixation of priority for supply for brick manufacturers with sponsored coal to semi Government and private agencies, institutions as well as individuals.


38. Quarterly allotment of cement category wise when required.
40. Brick equalization fund cases.


42. A quarterly allotment of cement, fixation of quota for RC/ORC and free sale with Govt. approval.
45. Bulk allotment of cement of cement to educational, religious, commercial institutions etc. with the policy/ approval by Government.
68. Anti smuggling cases.


Points which require addition are listed as follows:


22 A. Appointment of Chairman/Chairperson/Directors on the Board of PUNGRAIN.


In point no. 29 : DCFA/ACFA/Supdt.Gr-1


AFSO Scale : 5800-9200


6.  Services provided by Department:

(i) Acts, Orders& Policies used in the Department:

  1. Punjab Hoarding & Profiteering Order.
  2. Public Distribution System (Licensing & Control) Order.
  3. The Edible Oil Packaging (Regulation) Order.
  4. Petroleum Products (Maintenance of Production, Storage and Supply) Order.
  5. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Use in Motor Vehicle).
  6. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply & Distribution).
  7. Policy Regarding Brick Kilns.
  8. Policy Regarding distribution of SKO.
  9. Levy Rice Control Order.
  10. The Motor Spirit & High Speed Diesel (Regulation of Supply & Distribution and Prevention of Malpractices) Order.
  11.  The Naphtha (Acquisition, Sale Storage and Prevention of Use in Automobiles) Order.
  12. The Punjab Commodities Price Marking and Display Order.
  13. The Punjab Control of Bricks Supplies, Price and Distribution Control Order.
  14. The Solvents, Raffinate and Slop (Acquisition, Sale Storage and prevention of use in Automobiles) Order.
  15. Kerosene (Restriction on Use and Fixation of Ceiling Price) Order.
  16. Petroleum Products (maintenance of Production, Storage and Supply) Order.
  17. Punjab Light Diesel Oil and Kerosene Licensing Order.
  18. Punjab Public Distribution System (Licensing & Control) Order.
  19. Essential Commodities Act.


  1. Policy Regarding Atta Dal Scheme.
  2. Policy Regarding Purchase of Stock Articles.
  3. Policy/Specification regarding hiring of Plinths/Godowns.


  1. Rabi Marketing Policy.
  2. Kharif Marketing Policy.


  1. Transport Policy.
  2. Labour Policy.

(ii) Services provided by Department:

  1. Procurement & Storage of Food Grains.
  2. Subsidized Atta under National Food Security Act.
  3. Checkings of Petrol Pumps & Brick Kilns.
  4. Management of Fair Price Shops.
  5. Management of Consumer Courts.
  6. Issuance & Management of Aadhar Cards.
  7. Issuance of Licenses of Manufacturers, Repairers & Dealers of Legal Metrology.
  8. Management & Distribution of Kerosene Oil.


7.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos. Official Website
Office/Res. Mobile
Smt. Anindita Mitra, IAS
Managing Director
Sh. Amarpal Singh, IAS
Managing Director


8.  Important Documents:

S. No. Details Download Link

 Office Manuals/Policies

1 Policy Regarding Atta Dal Scheme - PUNJAB FOOD SECURITY RULES 2016
2 Policy Regarding Atta Dal Scheme - PUNJAB TPDS CONTROL ORDER 2016
3. Policy Regarding Purchase of Stock Articles
4 Policy-Specifications regarding hiring of Plinths - Godowns
5 Rabi Marketing Policy 2017-18
6 Kharif Marketing Policy 2017-18
7 Transport Policy 2017-18
8 Labour Cartage Policy 2017-18
9 Organization Chart

Acts and Rules

1 Punjab Hoarding and Profiteering Order
2 Punjab Public Distribution System (Licensing and Control) Order, 2003
3 The Edible Oil packaging (Regulation) order 1998.
4 Petroleum Products (Maintenance of Production, Storage, and Supply) Order, 1999.
5 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Use in Motor Vehicle) 2001
6 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) Order, 2000
7 Brick Klins Control Order
8 kerosene Oil Policy
9 Levy Rice Control Order
10 The motor spirit and high speed diesel (regulation of supply and distribution and prevention of (Malpractices) order, 1998
11 The Naphtha (acquisition, sale storage and prevention of use in automobiles) order, 2000
12 The Punjab Commodities price marking and display order, 1992
13 The Punjab control of bricks supplies, price and distribution control order, 1998.
14 The Solvent, Raffinate and Slop (acquisition, sale storage and prevention of use in automobiles) order, 2000
15 Kerosene (restriction on use and fixation of ceiling price) order, 1993
16 Petroleum Products (Maintenance of Production, Storage and Supply) Order, 1999
17 Punjab light diesel oil and kerosene licensing order, 1978
18 Punjab Public Distribution System (licensing and control) order, 2003
19 The Essential Commodities Act, 1955


For detailed information:

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