Department of General Administration Department of General Administration

1.  Name of the Administrative Department: General Administration

2.  Minister In charge:

Name e-mail Office address Telephone Nos. Photograph
Office Residence Mobile
Capt. Amarinder Singh
Chief Minister Punjab
Room No.1, 2nd Floor, Punjab Civil Secretariat, Sector - 1, Chandigarh 0172-2740325,


3.  Additional Chief Secretary / Financial Commissioner / Principal Secretary / Secretary of Administrative Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
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Sh. Karan Avtar Singh
Chief Secretary 0172-2740156 - 9501822666


4. Head of Department:

Name & Designation e-mail Telephone Nos.
Office Residence Mobile
Sh. Jaspal Singh, IAS
Principal Secretary 0172-2740266 0172-2711043 9988528481


5.  Business Rules of the department:


1. All matters relating to -

a) the council of ministers and the Governor-in-Council;
b) constitution of Committees and Sub-Committees of Council of Ministers and all coordination work in respect of these Committees and Ministers, Ministers of State, Deputy Ministers, Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Parliamentary Secretaries, excepting matters relating to allotment, maintenance and furnishing of houses to them; and
c) salary and allowances of Ministers.

2. The Punjab Defence and Security Relief Fund.


1. All matters relating to-

a) the Rules of Business of the Government of Punjab;
b) the allocation of personnel and division of assets and liabilities arising out of the reorganisation of the State of Punjab in 1966;
c) the claims of pay and pension of Civil List employees;
d) conferences of the Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police, Administrative Secretaries, and Heads of Departments;
e) Inter-State Conference of Governors and Chief Ministers;
f) Maps and other publications indicating international boundaries and disputes concerning Indo-Pak boundary;
g) Northern Zonal Council;
h) Pre-Partition claims;
i) Pilgrimage to and from Pakistan; and
j) policy regarding Annual Administration Reports.


1. All matters relating to-

a) the grant of financial assistance and other facilities to Freedom Fighters and other political sufferers;
b) the merger of Princely States of the erstwhile State of Punjab and matters relating to Privy Purses of Ex-rulers and grant of maintenance allowance to their relatives;
c) the grant of Jiwan Raksha Padak, Parman Patras and Parshansa Patras;
d) the District Relief Funds and the policy regarding collection of funds by Government employees;
e) coordination regarding republication of the Central Acts in the Official Gazette
f) policy relating to treatment and safeguarding of secret information and documents in Government offices;
g) the National Workers Relief and Rehabilitation Board; Procuring of the historical relics from abroad;
h) Flag Code of India;
i) State Emblem;
j) ceremonies, including the Republic Day and Independence day;
k) Punjab Raj Bhawan;
l) Display of portraits of National leaders in Government offices;
m) visits of V.I.Ps and other dignitaries and the administration of the hospitality grant;
n) establishment and budget of Hospitality Organization;
o) organizing of State functions;
p) reception of visitors and V.I.Ps;
q) running of State Guest Houses and canteens;
r) reservation of Circuit Houses; and
s) policy regarding reservation for the wards of the Freedom Fighters in services.

2. All matters arising out of and incidental to the amendment to the Constitution of India.

3. Cypher work.

4. Extradition cases.

5. Warrant of precedence.


1. All matters relating to-

a) the Punjab Secretariat Service;
b) the Secretariat Ministerial Staff;
c) all other Group-C and Group-D employees of the Secretariat including Political staff attached with Chief Minister and other Ministers.
d) the Secretariat Accounts;
e) the Secretariat Library;
f) Secretariat staff cars; and
g) Stores and stationery for the Secretariat.

2. Matters relating to imparting training to the clerks and the senior assistants of the Punjab Civil Secretariat and of all other departments of the State of Punjab through Staff Training Institute.

3. Overall supervision of the Officer of the Principal Resident Commissioner, New Delhi and the Punjab Bhawan, New Delhi.

4. Matters relating to the installation and shifting of telephones of Secretariat and payment of telephone bills.

5. Matters relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the Secretariat and Mini Secretariat offices including their furnishing.

6. Matters relating to the maintenance of the telephone exchange (EPABX) in the Punjab Civil Secretariat and Mini Secretariat.

7. All matters relating to the allotment of houses to the Ministers and their maintenance, allotment of houses under Chief Minister's Pool and all categories of the employees of the Government of Punjab and administration of the Punjab Government Houses (General Pool) Allotment Rules, 1983",

8. Matters relating to the hiring of private buildings for Government offices at Chandigarh and S.A.S Nagar, Mohali.

9. Secretariat security related matters viz. issue of entry-passes, parking stickers etc.

10. Matters relating to the maintenance and preservation of records in the Secretariat.

11. Matters relating to the receipt, circulation and dispatch of official dak/communication including Civil Control Room.


6.  Services provided by Department:

a. Online Booking of all Circuit Houses of Punjab Govt. including Punjab Bhawan New Delhi and Cedar Circuit House, Shimla.

b.  To arrange to provide facilities admissible as per rules to the guests from other states as well as foreign.


7.  Names of Board / Corporations / Commissions / Societies working under the control of the Administrative Department along with information of their Heads as under:

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NA - - - -


8. Important Documents:

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 Office Manuals

1 Standing Order
2 Organization Chart
3 Description of work

Acts and Rules

1 Service Rules 1963
2 Service Rules 1974
3 Service Rules 1976
4 (ADO-1) Ammend. 2009 of Rule 1983
5 (ADO-2) Ammend. 2016 of Rule 1983