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Impact Tandrust Punjab Mission: FBOs rush for license/registration

Impact Tandrust Punjab Mission: FBOs rush for license/registration

·      4518 applications received in a month

Chandigarh, September 13:

         The strict action by the Food Safety teams has not only purged the market out of adulterated milk and milk products to some extent but has also managed to bring a large number of Food Business Operators (FBOs) into the fold of law, stated Mr. KS Pannu, Commissioner Food and Drug Administration Punjab.

         Divulging into details, Mr. Pannu informed that 4518 applications for licence/ registration as an FBO have been received by the department just in a month. This includes 1113 applications for licenses and 3405 for registration certificates. He said that the license is issued to the FBO having an annual turnover above Rs.12 lac while the registration certificate is mandatory for an FBO with annual turnover under Rs. 12 lac. “It is highly encouraging to see that people are willing to abide by law and are coming forward to be the part of the system”, said he.

         Consequently, the department has issued 531 licenses and 2057 registration certificates in the last 30 days, generating revenue approximately to the tune of Rs. 66 lac as the license/registration fee while the processing of remaining applications is in the pipeline, informed Pannu.

         District Ludhiana tops the chart with approval of 61licenses and 312 registration certificates while Jalandhar being close on heels with a similar 61 licences and 90 registration certificates(RCs), followed by Mohali which gets 60 licenses and 138 RCs.

         The application process for license or the RC is very simple. The FBO can apply manually to the Designated Officers in the district or can pay the relevant fee and update the challan details  online in the Food Licensing and Registration System on FSSAI website, said Pannu.

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